Woman Says ‘She’s Done With Him’ After Putting Dad With Alzheimer’s Alone On One-Way Flight

The airport in Denver, Colorado is a large place that is easy to get lost in. It’s challenging enough for someone of sound mind, but can you imagine getting off a one-way flight, lost and alone, as an Alzheimer’s patient?

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Jerry Ellingsen, an 80-year-old man, suffering from Alzheimer’s, found himself in that exact situation recently, after his daughter put him on a one-way flight from Florida.

Jerry showed up in Denver, Colorado with his small dog, Corky, but he had no idea why he was there, who he was going to visit or really how he even got there. He was very confused about who he was and didn’t remember many of the details of his own life, including the names of his family members.

Staff at the airport used his boarding pass to check and find out who helped him board his flight and found out it was his daughter, Pamela Roth.

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A Shocking Discovery

When authorities in Denver contacted Pamela Roth, however, she told them bluntly that she was done with her father and insisted they not contact her about him again. According to the police report filed, Pamela had power of attorney over her father and placed him on the flight so that he could go live with his wife, Jackie, in Colorado. Pamela texted Jackie only the day before her father took the flight and informed her that he would be on his way and arrive the next afternoon with his dog, Corky.

Pamela also told Jackie that if she did not want to take her father in, she could just drop him off at a homeless shelter and it would be okay. Her main concern was that he had a roof over his head.

Nowhere to Go

When Jackie Ellingsen was contacted, however, she refused to pick Jerry up, but said she would take in the dog. She went on to comment that she was not interested. She said,

“I mean, a man who wants to kill me, come on. I don’t want to live with him.”

No one was entirely sure what she meant by this, as she didn’t elaborate, and Jerry did not seem to pose any threat to anyone in the state he was in.

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What Happens in These Cases

Since there were no more options available, Jerry was taken to the University of Colorado Hospital. They are required to provide care for adults considered to be at-risk and with nowhere else to go. Jerry would up staying there for six months while the police pieced together a very heartbreaking family dynamic that resulted in his abandonment.

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The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida investigated the case and decided not to press any charges against Jerry’s daughter, Pamela. They stated that the evidence against her was “legally insufficient.”

Jerry’s niece, Kari McConnell was absolutely horrified when she found out what happened, and said,

“I cannot believe they did that. I’m disappointed that somebody can even be that low to do that to their father.”

We have a hard time believing it too.

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Jerry is now in a private senior facility in Colorado, where he is being properly cared for. His daughter and his estranged wife still haven’t commented on the record, although they’ve had many attempts made at being contacted.

Watch the news story below.

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