Wife Issues Grave Warning To All After Husband Dies From Drinking An Energy Drink

Have you ever experienced such a hectic day where, by the end of if you feel like you cannot go any longer, but you still have plenty of tasks in line that needs to be done?Of course, you have experienced it more than once, or we can say, almost daily. in such situations, most of us turn towards coffee or other energy drinks to boost our energy level and get back to the pending work.

There are many potential physical threats attached to consuming concoction designed drinks that revive you through the chemicals mixed in them. The family of this man, John Reynolds knows how life-threatening these chemicals are, as they have to suffer this tragic accident due to the drink filled with chemicals, in February 2011.

John Reynolds who was 41-year-old died of cardiac arrest that happened due to the consumption of energy drinks.According to doctors, John was a healthy person with a strong heart who suffered this tragic incident.One Saturday morning, when this incident happened, Cassandra Reynolds, wife of John, married to him for ten years, described that as she woke up she heard her husband gasping for breath and realized that he is having a cardiac arrest. That came as a shock to her.

As it was happening, a few seconds later she found herself on her husband performing CPR to help him breathe until the paramedics arrive to save her husband.As soon as the ambulance arrived, john was taken to the hospital immediately. In the hospital, John was put into a medically induced coma in cardiac section ICU. Doctors while investigating what might be the reason for a cardiac arrest asked Cassandra if John was a drug addict or a diabetic patient.

Cassandra cleared that her husband was never addicted to drugs or consumed it recently, neither is he a diabetic patient. Instead, she informed, that John had cleared a medical test lately. The doctors then asked if he consumed any energy drink.Cassandra confirmed that he usually consumes one energy drink per day as he has to work at night shifts. instantly, doctors knew what caused John sugar level to rise extremely to lead him to such a condition. Doctors told Cassandra that cases of cardiac attacks because of consuming energy drinks have become more common each day.

Cassandra expressed Love What Matters: