Why A Man Came With Stroller In The Park

Doug Delony Sent A Picture To Khoh Houston And Became Famous Due To Its Reality. Doug Captured A Photo Of A Man And A Dog At Discovery Green Park In Houston. The Man Appeared To Be A Gentleman And He Is With A Stroller And The Man Is Bending Down With A Small Dog In This Picture. Why This Picture Become Popular Here Is The Story Behind It.

Later On, Doug Shared The Truth About This Picture On Facebook That He Used To Go To Discovery Green Park To Walk Regularly. And He Was Noticing A Man There For A Few Days Who Came To The Park With A Stroller. But The Man Does Not Carry A Baby In The Stroller. He Used To Bring His Blind Dog In That Stroller. He Set His Dog Free From The Stroller. The Man Wanted His Dog To Feel The Touch Of Grass So That This Disabled Pup Can Enjoy The Natural Beauty. This Man Happened To Bring Water In The Cup For His Dog And Treat The Dog Like A Small Child.

Doug Was Impressed With The Courtesy Of This Man And Shared His Good Deed With The World. As This Kind Act Of A Man Is A Role Model For Humanity. Then Khoh Houston Asked More About This Story From Eddie Mayo.

Eddie Owns This Blind Dog Max And He Said That His Dog Is Part Of Their Family. He Loves His Dog And Thinks Of Him As His Best Friend. As This Dog Is An Inspiration For Eddie Because He Learned Many Things From This Dog. It Is Very Lucky For 16-Year-Old Max To Have A Considerate Owner.

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The Love And Attention The Man Shows His Blind Dog Has Restored Faith In Humanity, And Khou Houston Sat Down With The Family To Talk Some More About Their Story