What a Stranger did for Marcus Will Have You in Tears

we all go through at some point in our life.

Some of us don’t need emotional support to cope with it whilst for some of us, it gets even more difficult without having anyone there for you.

Marcus is one of those who seeks a security blanket during desperate times. He was alone on a 30-day business trip to another city when he received the news of his elder brother’s sudden death.

Marcus had booked a fight back home which was due after 2 hours. He had checked out of his hotel and was now waiting in a café, on a table for two in the farthest corner of the shop.

The thought of not being with his brother during his last moments made Marcus weep repeatedly. To avoid the curious eyes of others in the café, Marcus had his head down as he sobbed.

After about 30 minutes, Marcus hears someone walk up to his table and clear their throat. He looked up to see one of the staff members of the café standing next to his table, holding a tray.

“Sir, someone ordered this Mocha for you, along with this little present. They have asked to remain anonymous.” The waiter said as he placed a tall glass of the beverage and a chocolate bar on his table.

Marcus noticed a note attached to the chocolate bar and as he read the note, a smile spread across his face. The note said, “Saw you crying secretly. Didn’t want to come up and make you feel awkward. Here’s something to cheer you up. Not much xoxo.”

This kind gesture of a stranger made Marcus feel loved!

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