Watch Little English Boy Belt Out An Adorable Country ‘Twang’ That Wins Over The Judges!

Some little boys are destined to be cowboys and in one case, a singing cowboy with an adorable country “twang” despite being British! Little 7-year-old Shaney-Lee absolutely loves Country & Western music and is a huge fan of John Denver and Kenny Loggins, who he saw on tour a couple years ago!

So, when the soulful little cowboy decided to try out for Britain’s “The Voice,” it was a no-brainer that he would sing John Denver’s country classic, “Country Roads.”  His stage presence was incredible. His proud parents, who are super supportive and got him a vocal coach to fine-tune his craft, stood on the sidelines in tears. His mom recognizes that Shaney-Lee is an old soul and calls him an “old man in a little person’s body.”

While only one judge turned around, Shaney-Lee won over all the judges and the audience over with his country “twang” and soulful delivery of the famous tune. When he told them that he actually arrived on a pony named Bobby Brown that was tied up outside, they almost lost it!

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