Warm Friendship Between Goose And Puppy During Cold Weather

Animal Behavior Is Unpredictable And Somehow They Are Better Than Human Beings. Because We Think That Animals Do Not Interact With Other Species And Only Care About Their Own Species. With The Advancement In Technology And The Internet Everywhere, There Is A Trend Of Sharing New Stories. We Came Across New Stories Every Now And Then And These Stories Are Heartwarming Enough To Brighten Up Our Day.Recently A Story Became Viral When A Cow Adopted An Orphan Puppy In Korea. But The Friendship Of A Dog And Birds Is Something Out Of Character. Because Dogs Are Supposed To Threaten The Birds But Today’S Story Is About The Bond Between Goose And Puppy. When A Tornado Hit North America This January It Freezes Everything And A Goose Rescued A Puppy From Freezing Cold.

A Man Spotted A Goose That Was Shivering With Cold But The Man Thought At That Time Goose Got His Feathers Stuck In The Pole In Montana. But Later It Was Discovered That Goose Was Trying To Comfort A Small Puppy By Enveloping It In The Feathers. It Felt That Goose Knew That Warmth Of The Feather Will Save The Puppy From A Cold Breeze. It Was So Overwhelming To See Animals Caring About Each Other Regardless Of Their Species. We Need To Learn A Lot From These Examples Of Courtesy. Although As Human Being We Do Care About Each Other There Are Plenty Of Cases When Human Beings Surpass The Limits Of Humanity And Behaved Worse Than A Monster.

Mostly Our Act The Intuitive And Some Of Them Are Taught By The Culture. And We Implement It In Our Daily Life To Prove Our Self As A Kind Person. But Animals Instincts Cannot Be Trained. When Goose Saved A Puppy It Was Purely A Love Of Bird Towards A Dog. It Would Be A Moment To Be Cherished. That Was A Warm Gesture In Cold Surroundings Showed By A Goose. There Was No Evidence Found What Happened To The Puppy If He Could Survive Or Get Dead With Cold.

Snopes Claims That This Story Has Proved This Myth Wrong That A Bird And Dog Cannot Be A Friend. As More And More Pictures Of Bonding Between Pelican And Dog Circulating On The Internet. And This Pelican Osman From Turkey Become Famous Due To Its Unusual Friendship.
Do You Agree To Do Those Intersperses Animals Be friend With Each Other?

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