Tribute To A Homeless Francisco Sacrificed His Life To Save A Lady

We Used To Meet New People Every Day. And Most Of The Time We Make Our Judgment About Them Immediately. Our Perception Depends On The Appearance And Social Status. But These Are Superficial Features And You Might Be Totally Wrong In Your Thinking. Sometimes Unexpected Events Of Life Stir The Potential Bravery In An Individual And They Turn Out As Hero Despite Being Considered As A Loser In Everyday Life.

Street Crimes Have Become Very Common These Days. Sometimes It Involves Petite Snatching Or Might End Up In A Bizarre Situation. A Brazilian Man Who Was Living As A Refugee In Portuguese Saved A Lady By Sacrificing His Own Life Form An Armed Person.

Francisco Erasmo Was A 61 Years Old Man And He Fought For A Strange Woman Without Any Self-Indulgence. This Incident Was Captured By A Civilian Who Happened To Be There At That Time.

It Is Clear In The Video That Luiz Antonio Da Silva Holds A Lady With Her Throat Forcefully At Gunpoint. Then He Laid Her Down At The Steps Of The Cathedral. Lady Started To Scream And Asked For Someone To Help Her. Then, Out Of Nowhere A Man Rushed Toward Luiz And Pushed Him And Tried To Release The Woman From His Grip. As Soon As The Lady Could Be Able To Get On Her Feet She Ran Away From Them And Became Save.

Police Responded Very Quickly And Warned The Assailant To Drop His Weapon But He Tried To Escape. So Police Had To React Vigorously And Both Men Shot Dead At The Spot. It Was All Matter Of Second To Take Place. Unfortunately, Francisco Lost His Life But He Proved His Courage To The World. He Looked Like A Weak And Impoverished Man With The Typical Appearance Of A Homeless Person.

However, He Rushed To Help A Strange Person In Need Although He Himself Was In No Position To Help Anyone. Francisco Never Thought For A Second About The Consequences Jumped Over The Armed Person. Unlike Others, He Felt Its Duty To Save The Lady And Won Our Heart.

When This Video Was Shared On Social Media And Thousands Of People Acclaimed The Brave Response Of Francisco. And Shared Their Previous Reviews About Homeless People As They Thought Them As A Burden In Society. Or Mostly Consider Homeless People As A Thief Or Lousy Ones. But The Particular Act Of Francisco Made Them Realize That They Must No Judge The Book By Its Cover. We Must Learn To Appreciate The Golden Heart.

After This Sad Incident, A Priest Form The Portuguese Arranged A Special Prayer For Francisco And Wished Him Peace In Another World. This Story Makes Us Realize To Understand Our Duty Towards Others And Help Them. And Try To Support The Homeless Person As Much As You Can By Providing The Shelter, Food Or Clothes To Them.

This Act Of Kindness Will Create A Chain To Inspire Other People To Help The Needy Person. Do You Think That It Was The Right Reaction Of Police To Shoot Them Right Away As It Causes The Death Of An Innocent Person?

We Salute To This Brave Man. May Francisco Soul Rest In Peace.