Top Ten Life Lessons For Parents I Learned Too Late, My Son Had Died.

This Is A Heartbreaking Story. One Man, Richard Pringle , Has Shared With The World Ten Things We Should Never Forget, And Never Cease To Do If We Have Kids. It Really Is Every Parent’S Worst Nightmare, The Thought Of Losing A Child, But One Thing I Know Is True In My Life, It’S So Easy To Take Them For Granted. We Get So Caught Up In The Everyday, The Breakfast, Getting Them Out Of Bed, Getting Them Into Bed, The Homework, The Tantrums, The Daily Drudgery.

Richard Pringle Had To Face The Real Life Nightmare Of Losing A Child When His Dear Son Hughie Died From A Brain Hemorrhage Last Year. In Memory Of Hugie And Inspired By Richard’S Very Own List, We Bring You The Ten Most Important Life Lessons For Us Parents Blessed To Have Our Children Still With Us.

Hughie Had A Brain Condition Which Doctors Were Aware Of, But The Family Were Told There Was Only A 5% Chance Of It Resulting In A Bleed On The Brain. Tragically, Poor Hughie Fell Into That 5%, And One Year On Richard’S List Of His Most Important Life Lessons For Parents Has Gone Viral. Inspired By Richard’S Fantastic List, Here We Bring You Our Very Own Fantastic And Really Inspiring List, Top Ten Most Important Life Lessons For Parents.

1: There’S No Such Thing As Too Much Love, Too Many Cuddles And Too Many Kisses.

2: ‘I Don’T Have Time’ Should Not Be In Your Vocabulary. You Always Have A Moment To Spare, And Those Moments Are More Precious Than You Know Now.

3: Get The Camera Out Often! Those Memories Are Precious, And One Day They May Be All You Have.

4: Love Your Child With Your Time, Not Your Cash. Throw The Ball For The Dog, Go For Walks, Look For Shells On The Beach, Build A Den, Have A Teddy Bear’S Picnic. If You Ever Lose A Child, You Won’T Look Back At The Things You Bought Them, You’Ll Remember The Things You Did Together.

5: Music Is Incredibly Evocative. Nothing Takes You Back To A Place Like A Song. So Sing Together! Enjoy Music Together! Make Up Songs And Sing Them Again And Again! Make Up Your Own Special Dance To Go With Them, And Never Forget How To Be Silly.

6: Those Things You Take For Granted, Dinner Time, Bath Time, Learning To Tie Laces, Learning To Make Toast Or A Cup Of Tea, Playing A Game Together, Cherish Them. Those Are The Things You Will Miss The Most.

7: Always Part Well! Never Go To Bed On An Argument, Or Send Them Off To School Angry. Always Kiss Them Goodbye And Tell Them You Love Them. If You Forget, Go Back And Do It. After You’ve Calmed Down, Go Into Their Bedroom And Say Goodnight Nicely. You Never Know When It Might Be The Last Time.

8: Make The Simple Things Fun. Going To The Shops, Washing The Dishes, Tidying The Mess, Keep It Cheerful And Bright. Us Adults Think Of Those Things As Dull And Put That Dullness On Our Kids. If We Change Our Attitude We Can Change The Whole Atmosphere, Enjoy The Little Mundane Things And Make A Game Of It!

9: Keep A Diary. Part Of Our Natural Healing Process In Tinged With Tragedy As Memories Fade And Become Blurred. Keeping A Detailed Diary Of Everyday Events Can Bring Those Days Back Into Sharp Focus Many Many Years Later.

10: Last And By No Means Least, Never Ever Forget That You Are Blessed. If You Have Your Children With You, To Chase After, To Kiss Goodnight, To Teach, To Give Your Love To, You Are Blessed And That’S A Fact. Keep It At The Forefront Of Your Mind, Always.

As A Parent I Can See What Incredibly Wise Words These Are. Every Single Point Is One Worth Noting.

It’S Incredibly Sad That It Took The Death Of A Beautiful Boy To Motivate Us To Share A List Like This, But Now That It Has Been Said,

Make Sure You Share It As Far And Wide As You Can. I Know It’S Something I Needed To Hear This Morning.