This Man Finally broke the silence Against Poison Mixed in All Cereal products

A video showed up on Facebook with thousands of views and hundreds of shares in which a man, paint contractor by profession, has voiced against the poison used in the cereal products of daily use. Being paint contractor, he is well familiar with a chemical composition named Tri Sodium Phosphate, a thinner to remove paints with some other functions. He spoke about his kids who love to eat cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms produced by Star Wars. Apparently, there was nothing worth noticing until he read the ingredient list of those cereals. And finding Tri Sodium Phosphate on the list was what he least expected. Being the user of TSP, he knew better than others that it is a poison that he is giving to his children on daily basis.

Not only he raised the voice, but also he regrets his ignorance so that he wished he could be sent to jail for poisoning his own children intentionally. This is the disgusting and somewhat alarming situation and has grabbed the attention of thousands of people to see the posted video and to share with other friends and relatives for their health security. His action has raised awareness for all the people who have been eating these products unknowingly.

He further said that every house has kids to feed as he does and he loves them more than only other thing in the world.