Why You Should Think Twice About Playing With Pet-Store Puppies Right Now ?

We do love our puppies because they are fuzzy, cute and attract friends but sometimes, to carry pets become dangerous due to some bacteria they carry. You might disagree!

But those bacteria influence dozens of people and set them in fever. Almost 39 people have been diagnosed fever due to a bacteria called Campylobacter and pets are the most anticipated and primary source of it.

In different states like Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or Wisconsin,  most of the sick people are employees or regular customers of Pet land stores. It may feel disgusting to think about bacterial origins to the food you eat and water you swim in, thus all you can do is to take care of cuddling with puppies. A DVM Professor, Craig Altie, tells Health Magazine that there are few general causes of illness transition.

Campylobacter infections are unpleasant for people

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention gives its observation that most of the people get ill due to campylobacteriosis and get diarrhoea, cramps, abdominal pain and fever for some days before exposition of bacteria. In addition to it, nausea and vomiting can also be symptoms but some lucky people may not have any of them but some fever.

Though campylobacteriosis cases do not endanger life but put those patients’ lives on risk whose immune system is damaged or weak such as children under five years of age, adults more than 65 years and women with pregnancy. In the rarest cases, it can lead to Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disorder that ends in paralysis. The recent attack of this virus has affected people of all ages comprising 72% women. 23 % of them reported seriously ill and admitted to hospitals while no causalities have also been reported so far.

It can be transmitted through dog poop

Dr Altier says eating contaminated food make most of the people sick due to Campylobacter in food. He further says it may become from uncooked or less cooked chicken because chicks carry this bacteria though do not get sick from it. Thus he says, dogs especially puppies may carry this bacteria as well, recommending safety measures. It is because puppies can transfer those bacteria to your body when you touch and rub them, and then touch your own mouth and face. Sometimes it is associated with the dog environment where a large number of dogs live, thus environment can make you sick.

Symptoms in dogs can be mild

Dr Altier says many dogs can suffer from campylobacter showing some obvious symptoms. They might get diarrhoea but the mild one. It makes hard to spot whether the puppy is ill from this very bacteria or not because puppy often gets such problems due to change in diet or stress. The CDC suggests to buy or adopt a healthy dog, free of poop with shiny and soft fur. It makes dog young and healthy with fewer disease risks.

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