Teen bullied over his face sees strange car pull up – can’t believe his eyes when he spots who steps out

Unfortunately, bullying is only too common in our society addressing the issue should be treated as a matter of urgency.

It’s terrible to insult someone based on their appearance but even worse when it’s someone with a congenital disease.Austin Niehus had the misfortune of being born with an incredibly rare genetic disease Goldenhar syndrome that causes birth defects of the face and head.

The syndrome usually results in a lack of form with the ears, nose, lips, and jawbone.

Sufferers are commonly left with striking abnormalities as a result when it comes to their appearance.

Austin had already undergone 52 corrective surgeries by the age of 14.

He lives a normal life now, despite practically grew up in a hospital environment amongst doctors and nurses.

However, there was one thing absent from his life.

Austin is described as loving, smart and kind by this closest to him.

Other people around him have often been occupied by his appearance.

He was subject to bullying at an early age because he looked different from other ‘normal’ child.

Austin felt ostracised and isolated from the other children at school as a result of the constant abuse.

He hoped for friends and company of other people with Goldenhar syndrome.

It was difficult to find people with the affliction.

because his disease is so rare, everything would change soon enough

The cameras roll while 15-year-old Austin waits for a very special visitor to his home in Colorado as you will see in the video below.

Austin eagerly watches out the window as the car approaches the house and he calls his mother siblings.

The scene is a heartbreaking encounter between two people who have waited a very long time to meet each other.

We are delighted Austin met someone who won’t judge him in the slightest.

Press play to see the video below.

Have you had any encounters with bullies let us know and Share this story with others?

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