Teachers At School Twice Refused To Permit 11-Year-Old Girl On A Monthly Cycle To Use Toilet

Monthly Cycles Are New And Bit Terrifying For Young Girls. Because They Leave Them Dumbstruck When They Find Themselves In A Whole New Experience And Some Of The Girls Refused To Go Out In These Days.
But A School In Bristol, U.K. Made This Event More Distressing For An 11-Year-Old Girl Who Was On Her Period. As Her Teacher Did Not Permit The Girl To Use The Bathroom. It Was Very Humiliating For The Young Girl When She Got Stains On Her Clothes. Although She Asked Several Times To The Teacher She Was Enforced To Sit In The Class Without Considering Her Situation. This Incident Left A Lasting Impression On 11 Years Old Girl That She Refused To Go To School While On Her Period. But Quitting School Was Not A Practical Idea For A Student. Mother Of This Girl Said That She Was Not Expecting A School Teacher To Respond This Way Toward A Basic Need Of A Girl. Teacher Of Cathom School Handled This Matter Very Inadequately To Make This Event More Chaotic By Not Letting Her Daughter To Use The Toilet. The Teacher Should Have Inquired To The Girl Why She Was Asking Permission, Again And Again, To Go To The Bathroom. But She Was Denied Through And Through. Schools Should Have A Precise Policy About This Basic Need Of The Young Girls And Must Not Make The Girls Feel Awkward If They Want To Use The Toilet For This Particular Reason. Teachers Should Have Facilitated The Young Girls Who Are New To This Experience Rather Than Put The Girls In A Humiliating Situation By Sitting In The Class With Stained Clothes. It Would Be Mental Torture For The Little Girl To Sit There In Those Clothes.Mother Said That School Should Facilitate The Young Girls And Must Not Make It An Issue To Restrain The Girls While They Need To Do Something For Their Care And Hygiene During Periods. This Incident Happened On September 2018 And The Little Girl Was Scared To Attend Her Classes In Those Days Next Month. As She Has Been New To This School So She Was More Hesitant To Tell About Her Situation There. When The Girl Shared This Incident With Her Mother, She Called The School Management And Complained About The Poorly Handled Instance By The Teacher. School Admin Assured The Mother That They Were Sorry And It Would Not Happen Again. When The Girl Came On Again With Her Period In The Following Month, October, She Denied Going To School. So Her Mother Made A Call To Inform The School Admin That Her Daughter Will Miss The School Until She Is Done With Her Period. But Attendance Staff Said That They Could Not Allow Her To Take Off From The School For This Particular Reason. And She Was Assured That The Teacher Would Be Given The Special Instructions About Her Daughter. Unfortunately, The Little Girl Became The Victim Again. And This Time A Male Teacher Was Present In The Class. When She Asked Permission To Go Use The Bathroom She Was Denied By The Teacher. And He Scolded Her To Expel From The Class If She Asked Again. Last Time She Was Wearing A Jumper Suit To Camouflage The Stain But This Time It Was Visible Enough To Make The Girl Embarrassed. Schools Should Make Amendments In Their Policy And Find A Way To Help The Girls In This Condition. When Her Mother Complained Again About The Repetition Of The Same Ill-Treated Behavior Of The Teachers, Spokesperson Only Said That According To Their Policy Student Are Not Allowed To Leave The Classroom During A Lesson. But They Realize This Fact That Young Girls Need To Use The Toilet Besides Usual Recess Time So They Will Coach The Teachers And Staff About This Matter.
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