Stray Dog Found By The Road, Dehydrated, Cries When Rescuer Saves Her!

Though Tania was unable to find the dog she was originally looking for, she did find another who was in desperate need of rescue.

Sitting along the side of a dusty road, far from any town, was a black emaciated dog for whom Tania immediately pulled her car over.

Tania told DoggiesCare that her first thoughts when she saw this dog were similar to those she has when she sees any stray.



As soon as Tania approached this sweet pup, the dog fell onto the road, crying.

“When she saw our car stopping and me and Blendan getting out — she started to walk towards us [and] was actually crawling — and when she was in front of us she collapsed and cried and cried and cried [with] joy, pain, thirst and hunger.”


Upon further inspection, it was discovered that not only was this discarded dog covered in fleas and ticks, she was also extremely dehydrated.

Her condition didn’t deter her from expressing her gratitude to her rescuers.

“She was so sweet and gentle, we all fell in love with her right away!”


Tania and the two volunteers who were with her, Blendan Thomas and Olivia Mocillo, gave the dog small amounts of food and water.

Apparently, rescuing Gaia couldn’t have come at a more needed time, as “We carried her out of the sun into the little shade there was on the side of the road and gave her water.

She drank and drank and drank, but she didn’t stand up – she was too weak.”


Tania, it should be noted, is a co-founder of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a “foundation that offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs in extreme physical condition or who are victims of abuse.”

After Tania rescued Gaia, she was transferred to a foster. Who originally agreed to take the cream-colored dog that Tania began searching for.

When Tania arrived at the foster home with Gaia in tow, there was some confusion.

“They were a bit surprised because they expected us to show up with the cream colored Labrador. We checked with them beforehand if they would foster the Lab. When we showed up with Gaia, they were like, ‘What?

We thought it was a cream-colored dog?’ I said, ‘Yeah but now we found her instead.’ They said no problem, we [will] take her as well.”


Gaia was then taken to the vet. Where it was determined she didn’t need much medical care despite the condition she was found in.



Gaia ended up spending five weeks in her foster home before her new mom.

Johanne Froment, saw her photo posted to the Facebook page of Osa Peninsula Rescue and Adoptions, a Costa Rican organization that offers spay and neuter services as well as adoption services.



Now Gaia spends her days playing with her new mom, her two cat brothers. Tigré and Sacha, and enjoying her favorite past time – going to the beach.




“Gaia [has] a very nice personality! [S]he is very social and always want[s] to play!…She like[s] to be pet a lot. I think she is very happy with us now.”


The last two images were sourced from Johanne Froment, Gaia’s new mom.

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