Soldiers Got Hurt in Explosion during Training Exercise at Fort Bragg

It is surprising; an explosion is reported in a military base of USA at Fort Bragg in North Carolina in which around dozens of soldiers got injured. It is to be noted that Fort Bragg is the house of airborne division of US army which was stationed here after coming from Europe on termination of WW II. Though not detailed information is shared by the authorities but several injuries have been confirmed. The spokesperson of United States Army Special Operations Command told the media that they are looking into the incident that occurred today but it would be prior time to determine what has caused an explosion or how much severe the injuries are because medical reports would take time to confirm what had happened.

He stated: “It did incur injuries, but the extent of the injuries is yet to be determined.”

According to the WRAL, the sad incident occurred at the firing range during the routine training session in the morning when the explosion occured but the causes have not been confirmed yet. It is still ambiguous that it was an accident in nature or caused by mistake of any participant of the training session. Though all the injured soldiers were moved to Womack Army Medical Center by using helicopter where they are being treated and examined. The number of injuries may increase eventually or could lead to casualties in case of the serious case but no details have been made public yet.

WRAL reported: “Details right now are a little bit sketchy, but we have learned that this explosion occurred.”

Lt. Col. Rob Bockholt, the spokesperson of United States Army Special Operations Command, voiced that US army special branch is investigating an issue and place of incident would be examined and related date is obvious to be collected. Furthermore, the medical reports of injured soldiers would lead to a concrete conclusion about what and why had happened. A leading news agency, ABC, affiliated with WDTV, released a press suggesting the incident was occurred due to a vehicle rolled over soldiers during training, by fault or an accident. It further reported that all the investigations to be carried on would not be made public but only the least information. In the wake of a unique incident of its nature, high commands took notice of the incident and ordered to comply all safety measures during a training session for the life safety of all troops. Keep visiting us for further updates.

Keep visiting us for further updates.

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