Magic Seed That Controls Diabetes, Restores Liver Health by 100%, Makes Kidneys Healthy

The diabetes it the modern 21st c. disease. And it is chronic since the sugar control hormone, insulin, cannot deal with the blood sugar anymore. This is made in the pancreas and diabetes means little or no making insulin.

It is known that diabetes existed since dawn of time. How was this treated before the insulin? Many plants are like meds, like beans!

This recipe is based on bird seed, so you can mix in water, honey, soy milk, fruit…

The recipe

Put 5 tbsp bird seed in water, a glass and let this sit overnight. In the morning, strain the water, blend the seeds and mix some fruit and soy milk. Also if you want, add honey for the taste.

Have this before breakfast, in the morning for more energy and healthy blood sugar.


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