Police Are Warning Parent – Don’t Let Your Children Eat These Candies You Won’t Believe Why

According to recent reports, there has been an uprising of normal-looking candies being distributed with high contents of medical marijuana in them. In fact, police in Massachusetts just had to warn parents about the risk of spiked candy after several children became ill after eating marijuana-infused gummies.

Reports indicate that the laced candy looks like normal Swedish Fish, and authorities are warning parents to “take a moment and look at what your children have on them before they leave the house.”

The dangers of medical marijuana for children are plentiful, and can cause irreparable harm on a developing brain. The effects of THC are much more harmful on kids than they are on adults, who often feel that they can use the drug without consequence.

The drug, EdiPure Red Fish, are now in the hands of children. Do police need to enforce stricter guidelines on medical marijuana?

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