Police Arrests 3 Teenagers For Spitting Into Officers

It Was On 27 April In Florida, When 3 Teenagers Were Arrested On Criminal Charges Of Spitting Into On Duty Police Officers Food.
The Incident Took Place In A Restaurant At The Highway 55 Where The Police Officers According To Reports Checked In To Have Dinner. After The Teenagers Were Taken Away By Police, The News Reached To The Owner Of The Restaurant.The Owner Having Been Informed Rushed To The Surveillance Cameras To Find The Truth, Where He Found That Three Employees Have Deliberately Done This.The Sheriff Of Okeechobee Noel E. Stephen Later Said That Such Action Were Intolerable For Police.
It Is Unfortunate That All Three Criminals Found Guilty Were Juveniles- Two Of Them 17 While Another 16 Year Old- And All Of Them Were High School Students. Police Charged Them With Florida