He Overheard This Woman Telling His Manager Her Kids Were Hungry. His Response Left Me Speechless!

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Our world is a wonderful place, however it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. There are many people struggling to meet their ends with no-one to help. When I came across this story of a woman with two kids who was unable to buy food for them, it hit home. She approached the store manager asking for help. I’ve been in her shoes and know how it feels, so I was very emotional reading this. There are many generous and kind-hearted people in this world, and it’s absolutely wonderful to have another reminder of that.

Source: hrtwarming.com {link: http://www.hrtwarming.com/he-overheard-this-mom-with-kids-telling-his-manager-her-kids-were-hungry-but-is-shocked-with-his-response}

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