Old Dog Moved To Shelter After Owner

Poor Dog Scooter Who Had Just Suffered A Great Loss Is Having Disturbing Bedtime Routine Which Concerned The Human Society In Quincy, Michigan, Who Recently Took This Traumatize Dog Into Their Shelter. They Tell Us That Scooter Is Normally Quiet In The Shelter, But Its Bedtime Routine Is Bothersome.Scooter, Following The Routine Of His Owner, Tucks Himself In Every Night, In The Same Manner, His Owner Used To Do It And Once He Is All Tucked In, He Quietly Weeps In The Memory Of His Owner. The Loss Is Too Much For Him To Take But What Is Ahead Of Him Is Even More Terrifying.

The Team Of Shelter, In One Last Desperate Attempt To Help This Senior Traumatized Dog, Posted His Pictures On Facebook In The Hope That He Finds A Family Where He Is Provided With Good Care And Intense Love To Help Him Recover From The Loss Of This Distressed Dog