Night Club Owner Turned Into Rescuer For 500 Starving Dogs In Greece

Takis Proestakis Lives On The Island Of Crete In Greece. He Has Devoted His Life And Belonging To Help The Needy Dogs. During The Financial Crisis Of Greece, Many People Cast Off Their Pets Because It Became Very Difficult For Them To Survive. So How Could They Be Able To Afford The Expenses Of Their Pets? And Many Of The Dumped Pets Left On A Specific Vast Ground To Find Food And Shelter Themselves.

Takis Used To Own A Nightclub And He Had No Clue About This Matter. But One Day When He Went To Throw Some Trash And Noticed So Many Dogs Wandering Here And There. He Could Not Understand Why These Dogs Were There And Most Of Them Were In Terrible Health Condition With Some Injuries. Takis Felt Very Sad To See Those Dogs Without Any Attention. He Thought To Help Them But He Could Not Handle Hundreds Of Abandoned Dogs All Alone. He Started To Bring These Dogs To Home In Batches Until He Left With No Space In His House For Himself. So He Had To Move From His House And He Bought A Large Piece Of Land Near Olive Gardens. Because He Wanted To Accommodate More Dogs In An Open Area So That He Can Provide Them Enough Space To Live. Takis Had To Sell His Nightclub Because He Bought A Shipping Container And Turned It Into A Living Place For Him And Recovery Clinic For The Bruised Dogs Until They Heal. He Was Managing To Care About 300 Dogs On His Own. Takis Started To Live For The Welfare Of Dumped Dogs And He Was Happy To Spend All His Money On These Dogs. But A Time Came When He Could Not Be Able To Afford Medical And Food Expenses For More Than 300 Dogs. And He Had No Idea Where He Could Generate The Income For Dogs. Then One Day A Local News person Came To Take Takis Interview And He Published The Inspirational Story In A Paper. And Soon Takis Became A Celebrity Of The Town And People Came To Takis To Donate Funds And Anything They Could Contribute To The Dogs. Now Takis Has Started To Put The Healthy Dogs Again For Adoption. Although It Is Very Tough For Him To Let Them Go But These Dogs Deserve Better And Healthy Homely Environment. He As Saved More Than 500 Dogs And Takis Intends To Save As Many As He Can. Takis Said That It Is Not His Job To Save The Dog But A Motivation For Him To Live. 500 Rejected Dogs Found One In All Rescuer In The Form Of Takis. Did You Find Takis Effort For Dogs Inspiring One?
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