New Sketch Released but the Police is still unable to Identify the Girl Shot dead in Atlanta Street

Last week, the Atlanta Police found a young black girl dead in the Atlanta Street. Police immediately released a sketch asking the public to help identify her. But even after so many days passed, there is no clue of who she is. However, police have updated the sketch.

It is reported that the woman was shot multiple times on the morning of September 21 in the middle of the Hortense Place. She was found hours after her death in the street by a resident. Police further reported that the girl died only a few hours ago she was found but she has not been identified yet.

Update: Atlanta police have released another sketch on Thursday. The new image is the completed facial reconstruction made by NCMEC Forensic Artist.

Police describe the dead woman as “black 16 to 22-years old with the medium to heavy build, short-straight hair, 179lbs weight and 5