Motivational Grace Is A Runway Model At The Age Of 7 Years

It Is Said That If There Is A Will There Is A Way. If You Want To Achieve Any Goal In Life Then Be Passionate About It. Then Wait For The Right Moment To Showcase Your Skill To The World. Change Is The Spice Of Life And It Is A Fact That People Feel Awkward To Accept The Change. But No Matter They Agree With It Or Not, Fresh Ideas Always Catch The Attention Very Quickly.

When An Advertising Agency Came With The Idea Of Working With Kids Have Down Syndrome. They Faced Many Hurdles To Find The Right Choice As It Was Not An Easy Job To Communicate With Those Kids And Make Them Understand What You Ask Them To Do. Then They Post An Ad On Facebook And Discover This Cutie Grace And Today We Are Sharing Her Life Journey Of This 7 Years Old Successful Model With You.

Grace Isabella Wharton Is A Bright Star From Cheshire, England. Her Mother Cheryl 48 And John Wharton 47 Are Proud Parents Of This Girl. Cheryl Told In An Interview That She Knew That Her Unborn Baby Would Come To This World With Down Syndrome.

She Got Extremely Depressed And She Felt Helpless When Her Husband Rejected The Option Of Abortion. And What A Right Decision It Was! Although John Never Knew About The Upcoming Delight In Their Lives And They Agreed To Bring This Child Into The World.Since Grace Was Born Everyone Seems To Like Her. She Was An Adorable Doll-Like Girl Who Loves To Be In The Spotlight And Center Of Attraction. Her Mother Noticed Since The Early Years Of Grace Childhood That She Like To Pose. Whenever She Used To Wear Something New And Colorful She Happened To Pose Like Models. Cheryl Found The Potential In Her Daughter And Find The Best Way To Polish Her Talent. Unlike Other Down Syndrome Kids, Grace Was A Confident Child And She Never Hesitated For A Second When She Faced The Camera For Her First Shoot. And Now Grace Is A Successful Runway Model. She Has Worked With The Big Names As Disney And Cbeebies And Bbc. She Is Modeling With A Company Who Used To Support People With Down Syndrome Or Other Disabilities. So That People Like Grace Can Find The Opportunity To Make Their Career In Modeling.
Kids With Down Syndrome Face Difficulty In Speech And Articulation Of Words Properly. But Grace Is Making Remarkable Progress And Trying To Speak. She Is A Fine Student And Famous In Her Class As She Looks Like A Celebrity In The School.
Grace Is Facing The World With A Charming Smile And Became An Inspiration For The Others. She Proved Herself And Be Successful In Changing The Perspective Of The World About Down Syndrome. She Is A Shining Star Who Is Spreading Light For Others To Find Their Way To A Better Life.

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