Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.

A father from Texas is grappling around courts against losing his 6-year-old son, James. Now you must be wondering why? Aren’t you? Well, it all started with the transgender thing. James’s father refused to the kid’s mother when she said he’s a transgender. Recently, The Federalist has stated that the mother has charged kid’s father with child abuse. She claimed that kid’s father is unable to recognize apparent transgenderism of James and she’s up to take the parental rights away from father.



Now the irony is… She is also acquiring money from kid’s father to pay transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations. This may also include expenses of hormonal sterilization which has just begun at the age of eight. Yes, that’s what reports informed us.

However, the rights from the father have taken away and now he is not able to speak to his own child about sexuality or genderism from any scientific or religious point of view. Moreover, he also has to offer clothes of both genders. Father told that the boy didn’t accept the offer and refused to get dressed.



The kid’s mother found a gender transition therapist, a pediatrician, who diagnosed and analyzed. The therapist analyzed and stated, “The boy has switched his personality either as a girl or boy. How? That depends on with whom he actually is. On the other hand, he chose his identity as a boy when he was alone with his father in another session.”

The Federalist also reported “Two pieces of paper were given to James. And on those pieces, two names were written. One is “Luna” and the other is “James.” However, when the kid was alone with his mother, he wanted to be Luna but when the kid was with his father alone, he wanted to be James.


In addition to this, the father tried to collect information from parents of his son’s friends and a church leader. Well, it turned out that the six-year-old was identified as a male kid.

The Pastor, Christ Church Carrollton Bill Lovell, told, “All the time I have spent with him and on the basis of three occasions, I must say he looks and acts like a healthy six-year-old boy. I am praying for that kid, an average six-year-old boy, a sweet-natured, lovable, intelligent and at this point of life, a vulnerable young man who caught up with the worldviews.”


One day, the mother tried to pick up the kid to take him to his brother’s soccer game. It was Sarah Scott, a family friend and mother of three sons who are well versed with the kid’s mood. However, the kid refused to go and hugged his dad saying “I love you.”

At last, the gender dysphoria diagnosis is kept on contested by the kid’s father.

Walt Heyer, the author of Trans Life Survivors and former transgender female, warned that such diagnosis could miserably ruin kid’s life. The author claimed that he went through the same thing by his grandmother for two-and-half years as a young boy. His grandmother also used to do secret cross-dress. He also said that the diagnosis is a critical thing. Labeling a kid with gender dysphoria can trigger various intervals of physical and mental consequences for the kid.

Here are some crucial words from the Heyer, “If we don’t save the kid from a misdiagnosis, his next step is chemical castration at the age of eight, only two years away.”

The family is fighting hard to save the boy from the misdiagnosis. And, they also set up a website called “Save James.”

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