San Antonio Mom Finds Video Of A Man Raping 7-Years-Old Girl In Deleted Photos Folder

Attention: This Article might contain upsetting content.

San Antonio: A man, 35, is arrested for multiple charges after the mother found a disturbing video of him raping her daughter, 7, in the “deleted photos” folder of his iPad.

The 35-years-old Jose Trinidad Gonzalez has been arrested on the charges of possessing child pornography and aggravated sexual assault for raping a child and filming the activity. He is kept in the Bexar County Jail with $150,000 bond.

During the activity, Gonzalez permitted the 7-years-old victim and her siblings to play the video games on the tablet he carried, San Antonio Police Department reports.

It was on Sunday when the mother randomly decided to see what content her kids had been watching and what games they were playing. Unexpectedly, when she opened the “deleted photos’ folder, she was shocked to find a picture of her 7-years-old genitals and a similar video of the suspect raping her, police reports.

She was deadly-shocked after watching such a vile thing and reported to police who acted immediately, arrested him and sent him to jail.

He is still waiting for the legal punishment that we hope will be massively deserving.


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