Mom expecting after 10 years of trying: Doctor calls frantically and confesses huge mistake 4 days later.

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The thought of not being able to have children while wanting them so badly is devastating for most.

Sean Savage and his wife Carolyn,  have had difficulty conceiving in recent times despite already having 3 beautiful children.

Carolyn continued to menstruate each month as opposed to getting a plus sign on a pregnancy test.

For Carolyn this process was totally draining her as each time there was a possibility of good news it was followed by a miscarriage. Finally they came to the decision and opted for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

They both hoped and prayed this solution would offer the best outcome. It wasn’t too long before Carolyn received exciting news that she was expecting until her husband received a call neither of them would ever have expected.

In 1993 the happy couple got married to each and delivered their first baby almost 12 months later. Following her first pregnancy Carolyn found it more difficult to get pregnant each time.

The natural route no longer seemed to be an option so after some fertility treatment their second child was born.

In 2007 almost ten years after their first born the couple tried test tube fertilization and that’s when their daughter Mary Kate was born.

Then in February 2009 Carolyn wanted to have a fourth child and so she proceeded to have embryo’s implanted.

Thankfully the IVF was a success but little did they realise their lives would soon change.

The devastating news arrived only a couple of days into the pregnancy. To their horror the doctor informed them that there had been a huge mistake and the embryos had accidentally become mixed up.

Carolyn had another person’s fertilized egg placed in her womb, although she was ecstatic about being pregnant this child was belong to another person.

Carolyn was faced with a decision to either keep or abort the baby, so despite it being her last chance to get pregnant successfully she chose to keep the baby and give to its biological parents.

We moved from a position of shock to a realization that this was actually going to happen. It’s just been difficult, but we feel we made the right decisions on how to handle it,” Carolyn explained.

Shannon and Paul Morrell from Detroit were contacted by the couple to give them the news.
Logan arrived four weeks early via C-section, after an hour and a half with him she passed him to his rightful parents.

Carolyn said “He is their son. But he will always be my baby.”

Sean had the difficult task of handing Logan over to his biological parents they waited in a room next door.

Carolyn thought she had seen everything after this overwhelming experience.

In 2011, happiness re-entered their lives as the couple were expecting twins, via a surrogate mother.

The family who had experienced so much dismay now had a new sense of joy once twins Isabella and Reagen arrived.

Carolyn explains “The twins have closed some of the grief we were still experiencing over what happened with Logan. They are certainly not replacement babies, but they have been the best thing for all of us.”

The biggest surprise came in 2014, Carolyn took a pregnancy test at home and could not believe her eyes when she saw the result.

Could this really be true she thought?

As my befuddled brain studied the test, I thought I must be wrong. I’m infertile. I’ve gone through countless fertility treatments over the past two decades and with the exception of a couple of IVFs, I’ve only seen two positive home pregnancy tests. What on Earth was my 45-year-old self thinking? I couldn’t be pregnant now. Could I?

Their son Nicholas Winton Savage was born in the fall of 2014, despite having struggled with fertility for 20 years her family of eight was now complete.

Carolyn was 45 years old when her baby Nicholas, who was born without the help of fertility drugs.

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