Mom Buys Her Baby A Toy, Then Notices A Symbol On It. THIS Is What The Sickening Symbol Means..

Nicole recently took her two kids to the Monster Jam car show in Syracuse, New York. Before they left the arena, Nicole bought a pink stuffed toy truck for her 2-year-old daughter. On top of the toy are three printed symbols — one of which is a heart placed inside of another heart. Innocent enough, right? Wrong. The symbol’s dark double meaning left Nicole, and now parents all over the country, shocked and appalled.

Nicole’s sister, who had watched an episode of “Law and Order: SVU” featuring this so-called “Girl Lover” insignia, told Nicole the horrifying truth. Some experts say the heart symbol is used by pedophiles so they can secretly communicate with each other. Apparently, when a pedophile sees a child with the heart symbol, it’s code for “this child is ready to be traded for sex.”

Now, the company that sold the toy truck claims they are pulling it from the shelves. According to, imagery similar to the symbol doesn’t necessarily pose any risk to children by itself. It’s also currently unknown how the symbol came to appear on the Monster Jam toy, or the value of the symbol to pedophiles in general. Even still, this is definitely something of which all parents should be aware.

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