Memes Are in Trend and Here is How it All Started

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Memes are the new sensation of the second decade of 21st century and world is not getting enough of it. For young people like me who use a lot of social media the day is incomplete without laughing the heavens out of us while reading and sharing memes. But sometimes, it really makes you wonder that what the hell does this word “meme” mean? How is it pronounced? What is its origin? How is it evolved? Who discovered or invented it? Where does it come from?

There are answers to every single question. But let me explain it in rather simple terms. In the run of 2017, a meme is a verse or a witty statement that just shares some common ideas and thoughts among different people and these ideas vary from culture to culture. Have you heard that “a joke in English might not seem a joke in Spanish” but these memes have quite same language because we have the same life?

Let’s gets into the history of memes. Do you know the word ‘meme’ was first used in a biological evolution based research book? Yes, in 1976, Richard Dawkins used this term in his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ (the book title is the meme in itself though). The term meme was used to identify the culture and values of different regions. This word is originated from a Greek word ‘MIMEMA’ meaning ‘to imitate’ (QUITE AMUSING).

Dawkins effort to coin this term in an academic manner was criticized widely and he had to accept it with the ambiguous opinion. However, N.K. Humphrey provided a really exciting explanation of the term and said “memes should be considered as the living structure, not only metaphorically. They are physically residing in the brain”.


This man has won my heart because, for us, memes are really physical cuddling with us, making us happy, laugh and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Memes are our best undetectable partners.

And another exciting thing about the ancient term meme is that it has bee studied as a subject. Imagine how much fun it would be if I have a graduation in memiology and Trump invites to cast his better image to the world by doing some meme posts through his twitter? Imagine. Or I might have been hired by all the notorious people to make people fall in love with them for the (fake) sense of humour. I’m glad this is not a subject because in the other case our parents might have been troubled a lot and the institutions might be stuffed with newborn-to-dead students.

So, regardless of what history says about memes being a group of ideas shared by people, for us (me and you of course) memes are one of the major elements necessary for life. They are like water, like food, like shelter and like oxygen.

Let’s share some of the most popular memes of 2017.

University memes are my favourite. And yours?

I’m completing my university this year, and this is how I’m now. But that’s life.

How can we resist money? (I WANT IT, I WANT IT)

What are your favourite memes? Don’t forget to let us know!

Happy meme life.

By the way, it is pronounced as “MeeeM” not as “MEEMEE”.




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