When This Man Sees Who Sits Next To Him in a Plane. he is Disgusted but after sometime he hates himself for that

We all are a human being and have some bad habits. The one is very common and almost we all have. I know you all are thinking about that habit. The habit that we have is being judgmental towards others. And immediately we jump to conclusions that people or this type or that type. Because we just make a decision on the base that how they people look. We have seen just their outside not their inside.

But the truth is that all that is gold does not glitter. Beauty is only skin deep. So the story that I am telling you here is an important message that many of us could do with taking on board. I will tell you here that do not judge the people by their appearance but to look beyond appearance and to the person that exists within the human being. And I hope you get something good from this story and love your fellow human beings for who they really are.

This story starts with a man who took a flight to Hong Kong in Tokyo. He sat with a window when he was disturbed by an overweight woman trying to squeeze in next to him.