Late Chapman’S Belongings Missing After Dog The Bounty Hunter Store Robbery

Duane Chapman’S Family Had Still Not Recovered From Her Tragic Death Due To Cancer That Another Disaster Hit Upon Them. Yes, It Is In The News That Their Store Was Burgled And Chapman’S Belonging Was Taken Away.
The Store Located In Colorado At Edge water Was Intruded Into And Robbed Reported The Blast. The Photos Taken By The Media Show The Broken Glasses And Ruined Condition Of The Store. According To Media Reports, A Huge Amount Of Cash Has Been Stolen. Above All, They Took With Them Many Memorial Items Of Late Chapman Such As Family Mementos And Hunting Gear.

On Thursday, Dog Was Informed About The Horrendous Incident. The News Further Aggrieved Him As Just A Month Before Her Wife’S Had Died. Dog Termed The Of Stealing A Dead Man’S Items To Be ‘ Unforgivable Sin