KADO is the Most Thinnest Wall Charger for Your Mobile, Camera and other Gadgets

I’m personally really annoyed with my charger which is like a little box or something that I can’t carry in my clutch. This problem is more prevalent in men. But there are better solutions in the market now.

Check out KADO which is the thinnest charger (after thinnest mobile) for your phone, camera and other gadgets. It’s really slim, pretty and easy to use.

If you’re habitual of forgetting your charger at home, you can keep KADO in your pocket 24/7.

You can take KADO wherever you want because it doesn’t carry any additional mess of circuitry.

KADO has an attached cable that can be extended to 85cm. However, you can attach your own cable if you want.

You can purchase KADO with Micro USB, USB type C or Apple lightning. Whichever you want!

Another amazing thing about KADO smartphone charger is that you can keep it in your wallet, in your passport case or in the tight pocket of your narrow pants. Amazing, eh? It’s that thin!

Not only this, you can have additional switch to attach the KADO charger to the back of your phone. It lightweight so it doesn’t affect the easiness of carrying the phone in hands. You can take it with you wherever you want!

KADO is manufactured to provide the assistance to the customers who have a lot of work to do with their gadgets and they have to charge their phones a lot.

So, here it is with most convenient form offering you an environment of electricity in all corners of the world.

You can buy KADO in Black, White and Light Pink colour.

See how it works.

Available here!

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