Innovative Ways To Reuse Plastic Utensils And Plant Them To Save The Planet

There Is An Endless Usage Of Plastic Spoons And Forks In Our Life. We Use Them On A Picnic, Outdoor Camping Or Even In Some Fast-Food Restaurants To Eat Snacks. And After Finishing Our Meals We Throw These Disposable Utensils Away. As They Are Made For One-Time Use So We Dispose Of These Disposable Spoons And Forks.

By Using Your Imagination You Can Reuse These Plastic Utensils Again. We Will Give A Basic Idea And Rest Will Be Your Creativity. The Main Thing You Can Do With These So-Called Disposable Plastic Forks And Spoons, In Your Lawn. Take A Look At These Pictures And You Will Be Amazed To See The Usage Of Spoons And Forks.

1. Keep The Pets And Pests At Bay:
How Can You Stop Your Cat Run Through The Flower Bed? Then I Came Up With The Idea To Use Plastic Forks As A Preventive Tool To Keep The Pets Like My Kitty And Pests Like Squirrels Away From The Plants. I Used The Washed Old Spoon And Forks But If You Are Very Particular About The Overall Look Then You Can Surely Play Safe By Using The Clear Plastic Utensils. Your Cat Will Learn A Lesson When She Gets A Fork At Her Back.2. Label Your Plants And Decoration :
Plastic Spoons And Forks Can Be Used As Label Signs For Plants. Or You Can Them To Spot The Seeds For New Plants. These Spoons Are Affordable Enough As 5 Spoons Per Dollar. Or Use Them In Arrangement To Make A Beautiful Flower With Spray Paint On Them. These Spoons And Forks Can Be Used In An Art Activity For The School Kids. 3. Use As A Cute Functional Fence:
This Is One Of My Most Favorite Idea To Use Plastic Forks. Line Up These Forks To Make A Fancy Cute Fence. This Barrier Is Best To Keep The Pests Away From The Ornamental Plants. And They Are Easy To Install As Take The Used Forks, Wash Them And Insert Them In The Soil. Or Use The Non-Grassy Patch As Your Canvas To Express The Creativity.
Which Idea Did You Like The Most With These Plastic Utensils?

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