If You Have A Sister, You Can Deal With Any Issue Of Your Life

I Have Described My Little Family Before. An Elder Sister, An Elder Brother And My Parents Are The Entire World To Me. No Doubt My Mother Loved Me With All Her Heart But I Had A Special Place For My Sister Which I Can Never Exchange At Any Cost Or In Any Condition. Every Time I Ruin The Situations, She Is The Only One My Brain Thinks Off. She Is Not Only A Solution To All My Stupid Problems But My Best Well Wisher In The World. I Do Not Think That I Would Ever Met Someone To Whom I Can Trust The Way I Trust My Sister.
I Still Remember That Once My Class Fellow Pushed Me And I Got Stuck In The Bushes. My Sister Arrived There At Time And She Witnessed That All Incident. She Came Running Towards Me And Helped Me To Get Out Of Those Bushes And Then That Guy Was Beaten Well By Her. This Incident Makes Me Smile Every Single Time.I Do Not Fear Judgement While Talking To Her. I Can Say Anything I Want To And This Why I Love Her The Most. Since Childhood I Used To Tell Her About My Each And Every Friend And Class Fellow And Up Till Now I Am Doing The Same. Even She Was The One To Whom I Told About My Relationship First.She Has Treated Me Like A Daughter. She Used To Call Me When I Was Late And She Takes Care Of My Each And Everything Such As Food, Clothes And Exams. I Must Say That She Is The Best Version Of A Mother To Me.
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