Husband Has Nagging Wife To Thank For Saving His Life After He Finally Goes To The Doctor

Sometimes it pays to be a nag. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” as the saying goes, right? That was certainly true for one caring wife.

One husband is thanking his lucky stars that his wife is a nag. When 43-year-old Brian Walker noticed a bump on his arm, he didn’t think much about it and chalked it up to being an innocent bug bite. But, his wife Helen thought otherwise and took it upon herself to book him an appointment when the bump started to swell. Brian accused his wife of being over-dramatic, but he soon learned that she may have saved his life.

After undergoing several tests, Brian soon learned that the bump was a rare inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT), and Brian’s case was only one of five known cases in the world. It turns out that Brian’s alleged bug bite was a deathly form of cancer.

It didn’t take long for the tumor to take over Brian’s body, and while it was not malignant, that didn’t stop it from becoming very invasive.

Immediately following the discovery, doctors scheduled him for a surgery to remove the rapidly growing protrusion from his arm. It went from being the size of a small insect-like bite to the size of a brain and secreting fluid. By the time the surgery was complete, a chunk of his arm was removed because they had to chip away at the large tumor along with the healthy skin and muscle tissue surrounding it. The end result was a wound that was quite horrific, and the doctors had to use tissue from his back to fill the gaping laceration.

Below, you can see an image of Brian’s arm before and after the surgery…Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.12.19 AM

“Some people complain if their wife nags them but going to that appointment had a big impact on my life,” Brian admitted. “I’m your typical truck driver, so I like to just get on with things, but I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gone.”

Evidently, Brian had first noticed the spot on his arm in January 2015, but thought nothing of it.

This couple has certainly proven how important it is to take caution with your health and suck up your pride and get things checked out when they don’t look right…

“I’m very pleased I got him to go to the doctor,” Helen said. “He could have lost his arm if he hadn’t been treated. The point is you can’t just regard a lump as nothing. It should be checked out.”

After all, the worst thing that could happen is the doctor sending you home. And let’s face it, a trip to the doctor typically only takes about an hour of your time. So, is it really worth it to skip out on an appointment when it could be fatal? Helen had an “I told you so” moment but we are guessing that she is so grateful that her husband is okay that she isn’t going to rub it in his face.



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