Humanity Triumphed And The Gender Difference Were Silenced By The Biker Boys Who Have Saved A Girl From Being Abused

Abuse Is Not Only Physical But Verbal And Mental As Well. No Matter Which Form Of Abuse We Are Talking About, It Is Simply The Destruction Of The Ethics Of The Society. Not Only Adults But The Children As Well Are Being Harassed Not Only By The Adults But The Other Children As Well. A Young Girl Ashley Wastakiewicz Is Just A Seven Years Old Girl Who Was Abused By An Eleven-Year-Old Youngster Living In Her Neighborhood.Initially, The Abuse Was Just Verbal. He Used To Tease Her By Calling Names That Annoy Ashley But She Cannot Do Anything As She Was Not Strong Enough To Face Those Boys. She Also Did Not Talk To Her Parents About The Matter Which Was Another Drawback. With The Passage Of Time, That Boy Adopted A New Method Of Teasing By Pushing Her While She Was Walking On The Road Or During Cycling. Once Ashley Had To Seek Medical Care As He Got Harmed By The Boy.The Matter Goes To Ashley