How to Make Wax Melts with Herbs and Natural Ingredients


Wax melts are a popular way to fill your home with fragrance, but they are often made with artificial scents that can be irritating to some people. Herbal wax melts are a natural alternative made with soy wax, essential oils and herbs. As the scented cubes of wax are melted on the top of a wax melt warmer, they release aroma and allow for the ritual of using herbs while safely keeping the dried plant material away from a candle flame. Wax melts are easy to make at home and make a great handmade gift idea. How to Make Herbal Wax Melts

What is a Wax Melt?

A wax melt is a scented square of wax that can be melted in an electric-or candle-heated ceramic vase to release the scent of the wax. Wax melts and warmers are a way to get all of the fragrance and warmth of a candle without the flame. The beauty of wax melts and candle warmers is that you can use botanicals and dry herbs to decorate your projects without the worry of them catching fire. The electric options also keep your home safe from flames if you have young children or pets.

Herbal Wax Melts

How to Choose a Wax Melt Warmer

A wax melt warmer looks like decorative ceramic vase that has a dish set on top. The base can either have an opening for a tea light or votive candle or house the electrical components to heat the upper tray. Wax cubes are placed in the top dish and gently warmed so they melt. As they melt they release fragrance.

Electric Wax Melt Warmer and herbal melts

A wax melt warmer is not to be confused with a candle warmer, which is an electric heated tray that you set a container candle on to warm it and release the fragrance.

Using Essential Oils to Scent Wax Melts

Many of commercial wax melts and candles are scented with artificial fragrance which is why I choose to make my own. Candles and wax melts are often made with fragrance oils because they offer the most consistent and reliable scent, in addition to being less expensive. They have been formulated to be heated to high temperatures and added to molten wax without evaporation. Fragrance oils also come in a wide-variety of lab-created scents like strawberry and green apple that are pleasing and not available as essential oils.