How A Daily Walk For 30 Minutes Bring You Closer To A Healthy Life.

Good Health Is One Of The Greatest Blessings One Can Have. So It Is Essential To Take Exercise To Enjoy Life. We Usually Think Of Exercise As Going To The Gym With Proper Attire At A Specific Time. But Actually, It Only Involves A Simple But Consistent Walk. Only Walk For 30 Minutes A Day Can Bring A Healthy Change In Your Life. Our Lives Have No Physical Activities As We Have Limited Us To Computer And Laptops. Almost 75% Of The Population Do Not Involve In Any Physical Activity In Their Daily Routine. All You Need Is To Make Your Mind And Take Out A Few Moments For Yourself. And You Will Be Amazed When You Realize The Positive Changes In Your Life.

1. Healthy Heart And Eyes

You Will Be Wonder How A Walk Can Help You Have A Better Vision? When Blood Exerts Pressure On The Optic Blood Vessels It May Result In A Condition Called Glaucoma. And Regular Walk Can Help To Reduce This Pressure Around Eyes. People With Age After Their 40S Suffer From Glaucoma And This Ratio Will Tend To Increase With Time. Regular Sessions Of The Walk Can Reduce The Risk Of Glaucoma By 73%.

So It Is Better To Take Precautionary Measure With A Simple Walk. Daily Walk Improves The Overall Health Of The Body Including The Heart. As Daily Simple Walk Helps To Develop Stamina By Regulation The Blood Pressure. When You Take A Deep Breath During The Walk It Improves The Blood Circulation And Makes Cardio-Muscles Strong. The Surplus Supply Of Oxygen To Heart Lowers The Risk Of Stroke And Coronary Problem And Save Us From Heart Diseases Like Blocked Arteries Or Valves.

2. Stronger Bones And Joints

When We Start To Age, Our Bones Become Weak Because They Lose Their Density When We Age. And These Weak Bones Resulted In More Complications Because They Fail To Support Body Weight. A Regular Walk Can Help To Keep The Bones Dense. If You Start To Feel Backache At A Young Age, This Condition Gets Worse With The Age. It Becomes More Difficult To Complete Cognitive Activities Without Any Stress On Our Back. A Regular Walk Can Help You To Recede The Lower Back Pain As Walk Improves The Blood Circulation Around The Spinal Area.

When Oxygen Supply Increases To Spinal Vertebrae You Feel More Relieved From Backache. When We Start To Walk Regularly It Makes Our Legs Stronger Because Walking Assists In Developing The Muscles On Our Legs And Hence Resulted In Stronger Thighs And Calf Muscles. A Regular Walk Can Cure Stiffness Of Joints To Some Extent As Walking For An Hour Relaxes The Joints And You Feel Free To Move And More Flexible.

3. Positive Mental Change

Daily Walk Helps To Improve Mental Health And Keep Us Safe From Negativity. When We Go Out To Walk It Relaxes Our Mind And We Feel More Energetic For The Rest Of The Day. As Being Outside With Grass And People Around You Can Feel You Stress-Free. When You Take In The Fresh Air You Start To Feel As Your Worries Melting Away And You Feel Lighter And Happier. A Daily Walk For 30 Minutes Controls The Level Of Cortisol In Our Brain. As A High Level Of Cortisol Results In Anxiety And Depression. So When We Walk Our Brain Learn To Control The Production Of This Hormone And Start To Release Endorphin Which Improves The Mood And We Feel Happy And Positive. 4. Weight Loss

A Daily Session Of The Walk Can Help You To Lose Weight By Increasing The Metabolism Rate And Help In Burning Fats Rapidly. Because When We Walk Our Body Demands More Oxygen Than Usual And Starts To Breathe More Deeply And Resulted In More Calorie Burn. Walk After A Meal Helps In Better Digestion Of Food And Turn Your Food Into Atp Rather Than Store The Food In The Form Of Fat In The Body. Walk After A Meal Also Helps In Regulating The Blood Sugar Level Under Control. As High Blood Sugar Level Results In Diabetes And Obesity. Although Walk Looks Simple It Can Improve Our Mental And Physical Health In Many Ways. You Don