LIFE Homeless Man Gets Help From Police Officer Shaving Beard so He Can Apply for Job

Police officers often only get recognized for the big things. Positive or negative, most of what we see about cops on social media and the news involve breaking stories.

But cops do more than just fight crime and hand out speeding tickets. They show up to kids’ birthday parties or support a local doughnut stand.

An officer from Tallahassee was caught redhanded in a random act of kindness. When Officer Carlson saw a local homeless man struggling to shave, he stepped in.

Phil asked Carlson if he knew how to fix a razor. The officer helped him tighten a screw, but Phil was still having a hard time.

With no mirror or sink, he explained to the officer that he’d been promised a job at McDonald’s if only he could clean himself up a bit.

That’s when Officer Carlson decided to take his kindness one step farther. “He was excited…” Carlson explained in a Facebook video. “There was a chance we was going to get a job if he just did this simple thing.”

Carlson then proceeded to help Phil with a clean shave. Little did he know someone was watching, capturing the entire encounter on film.

The City of Tallahassee Police Department shared the viral video. Watch as Officer Carlson assists Phil. Housefires’ “The Way” provides the perfect soundtrack, too.

“I am so proud to live in a community where our deputies and officers are such wonderful people,” the original caption on the photo, shared by Kelly Duvall, said. “Good job Tallahassee Police Department!!!”

Thanks to Phil’s determination and Officer Carlson’s helping hand, the homeless man has since been hired on at McDonald’s. He even talked about his experience with Carlson in a video posted by Greg Tish.

When Tish told Phil he was famous online, the clean-shaved man couldn’t help but laugh. He seems like a sweet guy who just needed a little help.

Way to go, Officer Carlson. I especially loved when he said, “I like to think of us more as peace officers first, law enforcement officers second.”

What a guy. We need to take more time to recognize small acts of caring and kindness like this one. No doubt they’re happening right under our noses.

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