Homeless Man Finds Purse On Street & Keeps It Hidden, But Note Explains his Amazing and Honest Motive

Money is meant to everyone but humanity lacks honesty. When you usually turn your TVs on, you find a world full of dishonesty and crime but there are reported cases that are really admirable. Though there is common belief that humanity is at worst in this age, there is a man, named Paul Calderbank has set an example for peers to follow.

He found a purse of the lady across the street with $300 cash, a license, iPhone and some other important documents and thus, he decided to do what usually strangers are not expected to do, finding ways of returning a purse.

He reiterated to return her purse in person and wrote a note which placed him in high ranks of society.

Meanwhile, he started asking people going through the street whether they had lost a purse or not or sought information about the actual owner. During the course, he was afraid of police that might find him guilty of theft or encounter with wrong claimer of the very purse. Eventually, he wrote an interesting note expressing his intentions, saying he was not ready to trust anyone in town because of wrong claimers as many people say it belonged to one of their friends.

He resolved to find a rightful owner, being a righteous and honest man as he did not want to be pleaded guilty on the judgement day.

His letter shows that how humble and great human being he is despite having nothing in his pocket.

After a couple of days walking around the streets, he managed to find Daisy