Heartfelt Words From Hilary Clinton As Brother Tony Rodham Dies.

Sometimes It Can Seem Simply Impossible To Relate To The Rich, Famous And Powerful. In A Rare Window Into The Heart Of One Of The World’S Most Influential Families, Clinton Shared Some Heartfelt Words On Her Twitter Recently.The Rich And Powerful Seem So Far Removed From Us And Our Everyday Lives.

Hilary Clinton Might Appear To Be Accessible In Some Ways, But We Know How Careful These People Are To Construct Their Public Persona And Be Very Deliberate About How They’Re Seen And What People Believe About Them. You Won’T Have To Be In The Public Eye For Very Long Before People Start Telling You How You Should Dress, How You Should Speak, How You Should Move And What You Should Say And How You Should Say It! Do You Think That’S An Exaggeration?

It Certainly Isn’T Very Rarely Will A Powerful Person Make A Public Appearance With Carefully Consulting And Considering Very Carefully What They Want To Say And How They Want To Be Perceived.

And This Isn’T Really A New Thing, Just Look At How Margaret Thatcher Changed Over The Years From The 1970’S Onwards. And I Recently Noticed Another Peculiar Trend In Politics, Politicians Have Been Trained To Stand With Their Legs Apart, To Made Them Look Sturdy And Masculine. Some Of Them Take It A Bit Too Far, It’S Hilarious! Google It.

The Only Reason I’M Saying All That Is Because When There Is A Death Of Somebody Close To Us, I Think That Must Be One Way We Really Can Relate To What’S Going On In The Hearts And Minds Of The People It Otherwise May Be Completely Impossible For Us To Really Know And Understand. Grief, Among Humans, Is Relatable.

The Cause Of The Death Of Hilary Clinton’S Younger Brother Is Not Known To The Public At This Point. Hilary Said On Her Twitter Feed: “We Lost My Brother Tony Last Night. It’S Hard To Find Words, My Mind Is Flooded With Memories Of Him Today,When He Walked Into A Room He’D Light It Up With Laughter.”

Rodham’S Wife Megan Madden As Well As Zachary, Simon And Fiona, His Three Children Are All Still With Us. He Also Has An Older Brother Who Is Still Alive. Although He Has Not Been In The Public Eye To The Same Extent As His Sister Hilary, His Life Hasn’T Been Without Some Controversy. He Successfully Lobied His Brother-In-Law Bill To Give A Full Pardon To A Couple Who Were Convicted Of Bank Fraud. A Generous Gesture You May Think, But It Certainly Raised A Few Eyebrows When It Emerged That The Same Couple Had Paid Rodham $245,000 For Consultancy Work. It’S A Different World Isn’T It?

Rodham Himself Has An Interesting Past, He Wasn’T Particularly Visible During Clinton’S 2016 Campaign For The Presidency, Although He Did Show Up On A Few Occasions In Some Stops In Pensylvania. Doing That With Your Sister Shows That There Must Be Some Genuine Family Love There, A Lot Of Siblings Grow Older And Grow Apart, But Showing That Support For Your Family At That Age Indicates There Must Have Been A Real Closeness Between The Two.

Although Rodham Was Best Known As A Consultant, I Can Only Guess That He Must Have Had The Inside Track On All The Internal Goings-On In Government At The Highest Level, He Was Also A Prison Guard, A Salesman And Even, Get This, A Private Detective! I Guess There Were Times In Even Somebody Like Tony Rodham’S Life When He, Like The Rest Of Us, Just Had To Do What He Could Do To Make Ends Meet.


I Can’T Imagine What It Must Be Like Going From Being A Salesman And A Prison Guard To Being The Brother-In-Law Of The President Of The United States! An Incredible Journey No Doubt. Rodham Himself Said That The Journey Came With It’S Own Trials. In 1999 He Said “It Can Go Both Ways, There’S Some Wonderful Things That Have Happened To Me Because Of My Relationship With Hillary And Bill, And There’S Been Some Really Terrible Things That Have Happened To Me.”

He Didn’T Go Into Any Great Detail As To What He Was Alluding To, However He Was Saying This Shortly After The Height Of The Lewinsky Scandal Around ’95-’96, Which, Whoever Your Sympathy Lies With, Must Have Dragged The Entire Family Through A Seemingly Endless Mire Of Impossible Situations. It’S A Wonder That So Many People Crave The Kind Of Money And Power Which Seems So Far Out Of Our Reach, And Yearn To Enter This Distant, Closed World Which These People Inhabit. But The Lifestyles Of The Uber-Rich And Powerful Rarely Seemed To Be Identified By Their Great Joy And Peace! I Wonder How Much We Waste Our Time Wanting Something That Either We Would Despise, Or We Wouldn’T Know What To Do With If We Had It!

However In A World Known For Greed And Selfishness, Former Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton Described Her Brother As “Kind” And “Generous”. That’S Great To Hear Say, And Must Only Add To Her Sense Of Loss In This Very Difficult Time. She Also Said “We’Ll Miss Him Very Much,” We Are Sure This Is True.


For What Little We Really Know About These People And How Little Of Their True Hearts They Really Do Or Even Can Reasonably Share With Us, There’S One Thing We Can Know, And That’S The Pain Of Grief And Loss, Which All Of Humanity Has In Common.