Girl, 17, ‘sexually assaulted three times by DIFFERENT men in space of one hour’ Friday night

In east London, a girl 17 was sexually assaulted three times by different men within the space of an hour on Friday night, according to police.

The victim was in a vulnerable state after getting separated from friends. They had been at a nightclub in Tower Hamlets, east London.

According to police, the shocking series of attacks happened as the girl was attempting to make her way home via central London.

There is no any proof to suggest the attackers were in any way linked. It is understood that the girl was simply a victim of extreme misfortune.

However, police are still investigating what happened as the alleged victim recovers.

It is also believed the girl may have been drugged at some point.

The alleged ordeal began at 11.55pm on Friday, September 29 after she was picked up on camera being carried by a man, as police said he was the suspect 1, on Cambridge Heath Road.

According to Scotland Yard, the image quality of the CCTV prior to the first incident is too poor for it to be released.

The suspect can only be described as wearing dark clothing.

After that, the pair is seen appearing to go into a doorway on the same road, but he has not seen again on camera. The items of the top half of the girl