Gary Sinise Donates $52,000 For Save Lives With City Rescue

Director And Actor Gary Sinise Is Getting A Bit Of A Reputation! But It’S Not For The Kind Of Thing That Hollywood Glitterati Usually Hit The Headlines For! Gary Is Becoming Well-Known As One Of America’S Good-Guys. You May Remember Hearing From Us In The Past When Gary Donated A Smart Home To A Vet Who Had Lost His Legs, And Again When He Sent The Children Of 1000 Fallen Soldiers To Disneyland, But It Seems Like This Guy Just Doesn’t Know When To Quit! It’S No Surprise Really, Since He’S Making A Bit Of A Habit Of Hitting The Headlines For All The Right Reasons. This Time, The Gary Sinise Foundation Has Announced That It Will Be Donating More Than $52,000 To The Volunteer Run ‘Henderson City-County Rescue Squad ‘ , Who Tackle All Kinds Of Emergencies Around Henderson City And County. The Money Buys Fantastic New Gear, Which Will Not Simply Be More Effective And Up To Date, But Will Save Lives. In His Tweets Gary Is Quick To Make Sure He Doesn’t Get All The Credit, Saying In A Tweet That It’S All Happened ‘Thanks To Your Donations’. Gary’S Part In It Is Just Having A Heart Of Gold, And Investing All His Talent, Time And Energy Into Bringing People Together For A Good Cause. We’Re Happy To Promote Gary’S Foundation Here, As It’S Doing Such Good Work, And Only Exists Thanks To People Like You Who Donate. Gary Explained On Twitter That Organisations Like Henderson’S Heroes As He Calls Them, Can Only Exist Through Grants And Donations. They Often Find Themselves Trying To Muddle Through With Old And Out Of Date Gear, Which, When It Comes To The Crunch, Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death. Just Think How Many Lives The Jaws Of Life Have Saved Over The Years! Speaking As A Representative Of All Good Americans Who Offered Financial Support To The Foundation He Said