First-Time Flyer Gets Shock Of His Life! (Warning! Hilarious!)

So If You Come To Us Regularly You’Ll Know We’Re A One Stop Shop For All Things Heartwarming, Amazing, Tear-Jerking Or Just Downright Eyebrow Raising! But Sometimes You Just Need To Take A Moment Out For A Chuckle, And That’S What You’Re Going To Get Right Now.

And If You Don’T Laugh At This I Think You Must Have Had Your Funny Bone Surgically Removed! I Don’T Know About You But I Love Flying! I Always Wanted To Fly Ever Since I Was A Kid, But I Was 17 Before I First Got To Set Foot On A Plane, And I Loved Every Minute Of It From Take-Off To Landing! But That’S Simply Not The Case For Some People, Some Folks Are Just Plain Terrified Of Rocketing Into The Sky On A Noisy, Shaky Metal Contraption Held Up By Sky Magic And Fire!

Well That Was The Case For Poor Bob. Bob Had Never Wanted To Fly, But The Kids Had Moved To Trinidad So He Had No Choice, If He Ever Wanted To See His Family He Just Had To Put On A Brave Face And Get Uncomfortable. So Bob Gets On The Plane At Heathrow, Sweating And Terrified, And Makes Himself Comfortable By The Window Seat, You Know, Just So He Can See When The Engine Catches Fire. When The Plane Reaches Altitude Bob’S Sitting There Thinking To Himself ‘Hey, This Isn’t So Bad, Not Much Different To A Bus, If It Carries On Like This I’Ll Be Fine, I’Ll Be Ok’.
Then The Pilot Comes Onto The Intercom And Says ‘Welcome To British Airways Flight 214 To Trinidad And Tobago, My Name Is Allan And I’M Your Pilot For Today. We’Re Cruising At An Altitude Of 25,000 Feet And The Weather Is Looking Fine. It Seems Like We’Re In For A Pleasant Fl…Aah! No, Wait, What The…Aaaargh! Aaaah! Aaargh!’

The Plane Start Veering From Left To Right And The Intercom Crackles And Goes Silent. Poor Bob Is Just In Sheer Unadulterated Horror. After A Few Seconds The Intercom Comes Back On And The Captain Speaks. ‘I’D Like To Apologies Ladies And Gentlemen, One Of Our Cabin Crew Has Just Spilled Scalding Hot Coffee All Down The Front Of My Trousers, I’M In A Bit Of A Mess Up Here, Sorry If I Caused A Panic.’

Bob Jumps Up Out Of His Seat Half Crazy With Shock And Yells Out ‘You’Re In A Bit Of A Mess Up There? Never Mind The Front Of Your Trousers, You Wanna See The Back Of Mine!’
Love It, I Bet There’S A True Story Buried In There Somewhere.\

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