FINALLY: Every woman’s dream calendar is here – sexy firefighters and cute animals

When women talk about the men of their dreams, firemen are usually very high up on their lists, and with good reason.

To heat things up, a fire station in Australia has put out a sexy calendar — posing with lots of cute animals.

These firefighters have released sexy calendars since 1993, so the phenomenon is not new, but that doesn’t make it any less hot!

All the proceeds from this project go to different charities, like children’s hospitals, for example. Millions of dollars have been raised, writes the site Bored Panda.

There’s not much more to add — have a look and en

1. January will get a lot hotter with this on the wall

2. Hello little sweetheart! And there’s a dog too!

3. Those shoulders look really safe… for the puppies I mean!


4. Kiss!

5. I would like to change places with one of the puppies!

6. If I was that dog, I would be looking somewhere else.

Oh, we have some pictures without animals too! Enjoy!

7. He can light my fire every day of the week!

8. Hello there!

9. Nice, very nice!

10. Rain and muscle, what a mix!

11. Who needs pets when you have arms like those?

12. Hot firefighters always warm up my winters!


What a wonderful initiative! — now you get to look at these hot firefighters every day while helping charity! It’s a win-win!

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