This female pitbull refused to fight in the dogfight. The price she had to pay gives me nightmares.

Pitbull Betsy was found abandoned on a block of land in Spain, by the non-profit, international animal protection organization “Let’s Adopt”. When the volunteers saw her they couldn’t tell whether the animal was still alive or not because she was in a terrible state.

Her entire neck had been skinned, her nose and jowls were in shreds, and the bones in her lower jaw were poking through. Nobody knew exactly what happened to Betsy, but presumably, she took part in a dogfight, refused to fight, was downright massacred and then just left to die by her owners.

Due to her dreadful injuries, Betsy’s life hung by a thread and she was suffering in agonizing pain.

But although everything seemed to be against her at first, the pitbull slowly but surely recovered. The biggest challenge was to keep the infections in check and to reconstruct her lower jaw and lip.

The organization gave daily updates on its Facebook site about Betsy’s condition, where readers also had the opportunity to donate to her treatment.

What kind of person could treat an animal like this?! Hopefully Betsy stayed on her path to recovery.

Note: Newz Magazine removed the photos of this extremely wounded pitbull as that might not have good effect on our users. But we kept the story because there is news value in this story. If you any concerns about this decision then please email us at


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