Elderly Woman Was Offered To Share A Table For Lunch By Strange.. Eric, You Made My Day!

Sometimes A Small Kind Gesture Is Enough To Lift Your Mood And Left A Smile On Your Face For The Rest Of The Day. And When You See Someone Invite An Unknown Person To Share Their Table In A Busy Restaurant, It Is Worth To Watch The Smile And Gratitude In Their Eyes. A Photo Was Shared By A Lady In 2018 And That Simple Photo Became Viral. When You Come To Know About The Story Behind This Picture Then You Will See The Photo With Another Perspective.

Amanda Marquell Was Having Her Lunch With Her Colleague Teachers At McDonald’s In Nobles ville, Indiana. Due To Lunchtime, The Restaurant Was Jam-Packed And People Were Happily Enjoying Their Favorite Meals. Amanda Was Chatting With Her Coworkers After Ordering Then She Noticed That An Aged Lady About Late Forty There. The Old Lady Was Trying To Find A Place For Herself Then She Moved Towards A Group Of A Teenager Sitting At The Table. She Asked Them To Accommodate Her On Their Table But They Refused Her.

The Woman Was Looking Disappointed The Amanda Saw Her Talking With Another Man Sitting Alone At The Table Near The Glass Wall. The Woman Took A Sigh Of Relief And Put Her Purse On The Table. Amanda Heard Her Saying To The Stranger If She Could Sit There And The Man Graciously Allowed Her To Join In. The Man Cleared The Space At The Table By Moving His Food Aside For The Old Lady. Amanda Said That She Was Lucky To Catch That Moment Shared Between A Young Man And An Old Lady. And She Captured It Shared This Photo On Facebook. As She Said In Her Post That Amanda And Her Friends Saw That Young Man Introduced Himself And Shake Hand With The Old Lady. And They Started To Talk To Each Other Like Old Friends. Although They Were Meeting By Chance For The First Time They Were Enjoying Each Other Company. And When This Photo Became Viral, The Young Man Identified As Eric Haralson 28 By His Friends Who Recognized His Picture On Facebook And Tagged Eric