Demand, speak and stop

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If Adam and Eve had not united, the world would have never seen the human civilization.

God created two people in this world, equally, with no bounds and no objections. But then as the human civilization grew, why did this discrimination grew?

At this juncture of the presence of earth,  there are places where the unequality is  growing at a growing pace. There are still lot of rural,  sub-urban and urban places where female are treated as “PLUTO! The Non-existant one.

The women section also called the weaker section is in such a state where people either don’t want them or use them or throw them away as a tissue. (use them, throw them and even give others to use).

God created Adam and Eve with same rights, duties and responsibilities,  then why the Eve section is mistreated?

Probably because Eve never demanded her necessities or because Adam never gave her,  Or probably everything grew with the growth in civilization. The females gave up their wishes and started accepting things.  They gave more comfort at the cost of their own comfort.

So, with the increase in the demand for comfort by the males,  there was increase in the discomfort of women.

‘The universe was not built in a day, so was the discrimination. ‘

The rise in discrimination gave birth to dependency, purdah, johar, polygamy, child marriage, female infanticide, dowry system, home bondage, no education, no freedom, marriage for money, forced marriages, trade of women, torture, rape, murders.

A single mistake of bearing the wrong gave birth to the devil.

If you donot SPEAK,  you are never asked again.

If you donot DEMAND, you are never given.

If you dont LIMIT your giving, your life is also taken.

If you donot STOP,  you are consumed.

So, do things

You want,

Your way,

Your will.

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