Death Row Inmate Shows Remorse During Final Words while the Victim’s Daughter Watches him Die from Execution Chamber

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The convicted murderer expressed his remorse and confessed his crimes on death bed while the victim’s daughter watched him die from the execution chamber.

Kenneth Williams, 38, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998 under the charges of killing Dominique Hurd. He escaped the prison, killed another man named Cecil Boren and fled until he was brought back behind the bars to endure his death sentence.

His charges were upgraded to capital death penalty and scheduled to be executed on death row. He was killed on April 27 by an injection right before the eyes of Boren’s daughter named Jodie Efird.

William was executed in the same prison where he had escaped from and he appeared remorseful at the time of execution. He was one of the eight men to be executed, already scheduled in the month of April and died at 11:05 pm local time.

At the time of execution, he voiced his regret saying: “I was more than wrong. The crime I perpetrated against you all was senseless.”

“Every time we drive down this road, he is not here anymore,” says Boren’s daughter. She expressed her grief saying William’s execution cannot bring her father back but it has made things a little easier.

However, the legal authorities have raised questions concerning the way of execution as William was injected with the lethal sedative to die that just got banned the day before his execution and its dealers were also not ready to use it for this very purpose.

Some journalists along with Boren’s daughter who witnessed the process of William’s execution explained the William death as “coughing, convulsing, lurking” for 10 to 20 seconds after he was injected.

Donna Terrell, a journalist, told that his chest began to rise up and down rapidly as he was inhaling and exhaling for four to five minutes after he was injeted. It implies that death was still painful. The same journalist further told they could hear the voice of his breathing across the window in death chamber until William’s mic was turned off.

According to the authorities, use of this particular sedative prevents the painful death but according to some reports, it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

His attorney called it horrifying and has demanded an investigation of the use of lethal medics and for what actually happened inside the execution cell.

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