Church’s Wooden Cross Remains Untouched as Wildfires Rage Around it

Symbols of hope shine a light on the darkest of times. For the victims of the Camp Fire in California, hope is everything in the wake of this devastating tragedy.

The town of Paradise, in particular, has suffered severe losses. According to Fox News, around 95 percent of Paradise had been consumed by the wildfire.

But wonderful things have been happening despite all that’s been lost. One man handed out $1,000 checks to the students and staff at Paradise High School.

Another man who wanted to help gave a single mom who lost everything a free RV. For those who care to look, faith, love and hope are strong in this town.

What some might call a miracle occurred at Our Savior Lutheran Church. The 54-year-old church building and its parsonage burned to the ground, but one thing survived the flames.

“This is our one true hope in the midst of tragedy that cannot be destroyed by anything,” Pastor Brandon Merrick wrote on Facebook. “God is with us. God is holding you right now.”

Merrick lived in the church’s parsonage along with his wife and two children. They were forced to evacuate the grounds on Nov. 8.

Melissa Lee


So many people impacted by the wildfires… including friends Tyler Frank and Elizabeth Osborn. All help appreciated ⤵️ 

Tyler Frank and Elizabeth Osborn

Anyone who knows Tyler Frank and Elizabeth Osborn could speak at length to their incredible loyalty and generosity to the people in their lives. Tyler and Elizabeth, as we all know, are the kinds o…

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Little did they know, a couple would find refuge in that church parking lot. “It was the first moment we felt safe and believed we would survive this horrific event,” Tyler Frank told Fox News. “We were grateful to be there.”

Frank and his significant other, Elizabeth Osborn, snapped a photo of what remained in that parking lot and shared it on social media. There’s no question as to why the photo has gone viral — look at that cross!

“I hate this picture. However, I also love this picture,” Merrick wrote. “Over the past 48 hours I have seen both the worst this world has to offer and best things found in this world.

“I have been scared for my life and lifted to a place only God can reach.” Inspiring words from a man who has lost so much.

Fox News reported the church has plans to rebuild and the congregation currently meets at a sister location in nearby Chico.

You can make donations to Our Savior Lutheran by visiting their new website. You can also help support Tyler Frank and Elizabeth Osborn, who lost everything in the fire, through their GoFundMe page.

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