Cheers For Baby Molly Who Survived Against Stage 4 Cancer

Meet This Little Love And Cherish Her Courage. She Is Just 21 Months Old But Not Everyone Knows About The Torturous Story Behind This Charming Picture In Which She Is Holding A Note Of Remission Of Her Ailment.

A Few Days Back CNN Did Telecast A Special Report From Bowling Green, Kentucky About A Survivor Of One-Year-Old Baby Girl. And Her Whole Family Was Celebrating Her Health As She Coped To Fight Against Stage 4 Cancer. And Her Cancer Has Spread To Her Lymph Nodes, Liver, Bone Marrow And Skin So It Was Risky And Rare For Molly To Live On. But She Proved Herself Fearlessly!

Molly Was Suffering From Neuroblastoma When She Was Just A Few Months Old. As Her Cancer Diagnosed At A Very Critical Stage So She Had To Spend More Than 3 Months In Hospital Suffering From Agonizing Pain. Doctor At The Hospital Fell In Love With This Little Charm. But It Also Breaks Their Heart When They Saw Molly In That Condition With All The Heavy Equipment By Her Side To Monitor Her.

Chelsea Huges, Molly