“Cephas Kosi”: Story of a king who is full time mechanic and part time King

Mechanic King,

Story of a king, who earns by repairing cars all day long and runs his kingdom.

This king that resides in europe and works as a mechanic day time and in evening handles the matters of his country through skype.

Generally history remembers the great kings by their superiority and greatness, But one african king has attracted the world by doing a job and also leading his country side by side.

The name of this 67 year old unique leader is “Cephas Kosi”

The name of his kingdom is Gabi, which is situated in Ghana near Togo border.

There are roughly 300,000 people in his kingdom. King “Cephas Kosi” resides in germany himself to earn his living as a mechanic.

Its actually a reality and not a joke, the King has set up his own garage in Ludwigshafen and gets his hands nice and dirty all day.

The king visits his kingdom 8 times a year and when not there he runs his government through skype.

King “Cephas Kosi” came to germany when his grandfather King “Hohoe” sent him there for higher education.

He studied there for sometime by he was more interested in becoming a mechanic. During his stay in germany he did not only became a citizen in Germany but also married a german woman.

In 1987, after his grandfather king “Hohoe” died the next in line were is father and brother. But they were rejected by the people  because of an interesting reason.

Which was that they were left handed and it was considered “Bad luck”.

So “Cephas Kosi” became a king and right now he is full time mechanic and part time King. “Cephas Kosi” is not a king by name only but he does a lot of welfare for his people by collecting donations for europe.

King “Cephas Kosi” is wildly popular in his kingdom, because he does not loot their money and actually brings the money in his his kingdom from foreign countries.

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